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7Artisans to produce 50mm F/0.95
(08-18-2021, 07:31 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: Fun fact: you do not really get the faster than f1.4 low light benefits with f1.2 or even f0.95 lenses. Most of the extra light gets lost on sensor microlens level. The only reason you get shorter exposure times is because manufacturers do extra signal amplification when a faster aperture is reported, to make things less confusing. So, an f0.95 lens mostly only benefits less DOF.

That may be.  I am sort of a skeptic by nature.  I seldom expect things to actually work.  But this will be like entering a new universe to me, and seeing if the laws of physics apply here or not!

I have seen things with regard to low light focus that have been hard for me to reconcile. 

What you are saying about the light getting lost on the sensor microlens makes a sort of sense.  Rules apply the most reliably the closer to normal conditions that you shoot in.  For example in near total darkness it doesn't matter how fast your lens is because it won't be fast enough. 

On the other hand I guess if I have enough ambient light to see clearly through the EVF I have to believe that it will make a difference.  Now the video industry uses T-stops in stead of F-stops.  But both values are available.  Is there no T/1 lens?  So transparency will be one big question.


Okay Rover, so everyone is making them these days.  Like those slacky bottom feeders ant Cosina / Voigtlander?  I think the hillbillies over at Nikon have kicked them out too.  And Canon played at that game I think back in the manual focus days.  And I can think of others...

The thing is, lacking the up to $10,000 membership fee I have always felt a little left out.  Then I fell asleep and had the strangest dream.  In this dream computers and new types of glass and manufacturing methods would allow dedicated engineers and physicists to accomplish a formerly insanely expensive specification to be legitimately accomplished on a smaller format and mirrorless platform.  So I bought one.  Next thing you know I was getting shots that would have been impossible before!   

Still dreaming, I shouted out to the guys that inspire me at Optical Limits.  The ones who love this kind of thing!  "We are getting F/0.95!"  But nobody cared Sad.  Head spinning out of control, I got up and got into my electric vehicle, charged by my solar panels and drove by the gas station where I used to stop for gas.  When I glanced in that direction, I could have sworn I saw the gas station attendant shake his fist and heard him yell:  "It will never work!"

In my dream I said to myself softly:  'I hope for all of our sake's that it does.'

-Mac Smile

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