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7Artisans to produce 50mm F/0.95
I have a whole box full of different lens adapters for various mounts to MFT.  None of them have contacts.  Since I am used to using adapted lenses on Canon DSLR's I consider to use of a lens with no contacts on the Olympus to be a stroll through the park.  Of course I miss AF.  And I miss EXIF being recorded.  But on the whole, I would say shooting adapted lenses on Olympus is a blast!  I even have an adapter for 1930's vintage Zeiss Contax rangefinder to MFT.

If their are no contacts then the problem is made pretty simple.  I go into an area with controlled lighting and set the camera up in Aperture priority, and set the ISO.  I lock it on a target on a tripod and shoot the target wide open at F/0.95 and then I set it for F/1.4.  Is there anyone who doubts that the results will be that more exposure will be needed at F/1.4?

But for people who do most of their shooting outdoors with ambient lighting I do get your point.  If the sun is your source of light it is amazing how quickly being able to shoot at F/8 becomes inability to shoot even at F/2!  

But the EVF lets you see in very low light!  I think I believe it will be an extraordinary experience to walk around with this at night looking for night shots!

I'm not sure if this lens will be the real deal or not.  I'm pretty sure they will sell, if the IQ is anything close to good!

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