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Rumor: Samyang 12/2.0 AF for Fuji XF
I was hoping we'd see a native "Fujicron" below the XF 14 at some point, but this looks like a possibly attractive alternative:

Let's hope.
Woah, this is a very interesting and welcome addition to the Fuji lineup :-)

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12mm is nicely wide for a small prime, I can see the attraction.
(10-19-2021, 09:05 AM)Brightcolours Wrote: 12mm is nicely wide for a small prime, I can see the attraction.

I was considering the Touit in case I would be switching to Fuji, but if this lens really comes to fruition, I guess it'd be a better option - one stop faster, for starters.
The Touit is fairly big (especially with the hood attached), doesn't match the native design language of the X system (which is my polite way of saying it's ugly) and Zeiss managed to find the most dust-prone rubber available on the market for the focus and aperture rings (applies to all Touit lenses).

I'd rather get a 10-24 instead of the Touit.

My only real gripe against the 10-24 is not very logical: it's that it doesn't mesh well with any of the other native lenses focal length wise. There isn't a Fuji 24-xx lens after all. Smile There's either a gap or an overlap.

Says a man who routinely used only 16-35 and 100-400 lenses, including on vacations, and does not usually sweat it or regret not having anything in between, of course. Big Grin I told you it isn't logical. Smile Well, a distant second would be the itch to have something faster in the range, although I'd probably end up getting a 16/1.4 anyway, even side by side with the 12/2.0.

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