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(11-25-2021, 09:23 AM)stoppingdown Wrote: Well, I'm in a phase in which I don't see any particular need for upgrading, so there are no buy plans in the short term. At the moment my expectations are about having better photo opportunities than better equipment. In particular with the addition of the Tamron 20mm macro (see my previous threads) bought last year I also cover decently the close-up/macro field.

Widening the perspective, these are possible upgrades:
  • replacing the Sigma 150-600 with the Sony 200-600, because the latter doesn't extend and it's much better to handle; furthermore it works with a 1.4x extender, so I could expand the range;
  • replacing the Alpha a6000 with a most recent model (not necessarily the latest) since it has a lo-res viewfinder and a very different UI when compared with the a6300 and the a6600 that I own. The past august I had the chance to casually see a a5000 in a media store for 999€ and was really tempted.
  • replacing the SEL16-70Z with something better in terms of sharpness at the borders.
I probably miss something in the field of "shy" butterflies (or in general when the weather is hot and they are very active): while I have excellent shots for the tame ones taken with 20mm and 50mm lenses, I reckon I'm missing a lot of shots that I could take in the range around 2 meters. The analysis of the problem is postponed to the next butterfly season, but from what concerns focal and focusing range the Sigma 150-600 would be probably ok - its problem, as I wrote above, is that is uneasy to handle. The Sony 200-600 could resolve this problem.

Basically my idea is to concentrate on selling old items (I still have my previous Nikon equipment in a closet!) and as soon as I have filled the gap between the money I could get selling the 150-600mm and the 200-600 price I'd buy it.

  Funnily enough I thought of you when a came across a serious birder/warden who I know and had stepped up from Nikon D7500 to the Sony A6600 plus the Sony 200-600mm .... he seemed very happy .......... a good lens !!........ how are you finding the combination??

   Personally, I'm seriously struggling to see what I would gain from a FF MLC ........ but then I think I'm a bit saturated with the birds around here after six or so years ...... 
   Still exciting times, and MLCs are nearly perfected in the upper price range ........  the last hat trick will be to pass all that tech down to the lower echelon bodies to keep things affordable ........ 
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