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I reckon many of us are putting question marks on new investments - the pandemic remains exhausting and there aren't really too many tech breakthroughs.

On the camera side, I'm tired of getting told that the previous generation was weak and that the new generation solves everything - only to be told the very same things with the follow-up camera.
Truth is that other than the lack of a sensor, the EOS 1 (film camera) was "good enough" for my kind of stuff. The only new feature (from the traditional manufacturer) that excited me lately is animal eye AF - I never mastered getting reliably sharp wildlife photos.

And yes, there's also the question of where to go from here. I will get myself a Pixel 6 Pro and this will surely have an eroding effect on my desire to carry a system camera. By now the results from high-end smartphones are shockingly good. The camera manufacturers are lagging far behind in terms of image optimizations.

Of course, this won't be the end of it for "real" cameras for me. Namely, the battery life of smartphones just doesn't cut it and every once in a while I'd like to have "extreme" lenses where smartphones just can't go. Still, it's a question of diminishing returns. Do I really want to invest $10K into stuff that I barely use?

In terms of lenses, there are still a few that excite me - like the Sigma 150-600 DN or the Sony 14 GM just to name a few.
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