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Next OL lens test report: Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 S (FX)
Not quite as impressive as the Z 50/1.8 S, but not far behind:

"Only" 4.25* due to focus shift? Because the conclusion otherwise speaks of almost flawless performance (compare that to the trashy little Canon 16/2.8 tested almost concurrently...)

A couple typos I noticed: second paragraph of the "Bokeh Fringing / LOCA" chapter on page two, "fast ele primes"; also the 5th paragraph of the verdict has "thugh with variable speed".
Thanks for pointing out the typos, I just corrected them. I really shouldn't publish anything late in the evening when I am already out of energy for even basic proof-reading Wink

Well, "only" 4.25* because of the non-circular bokeh highlights and most of all the resolution wide open. I see the lens a tad below the Z 50/1.8, which got 4.5* on FX.
And, yes, I am probably very critical when it comes to the ratings. I can already hear the yellow fever fanboys cry about the ratings when we come to the consumer zooms and the non-S primes Wink

Well, I've never been of the "3 is rock bottom" school of thought anyway. Thankfully I got through the school and university somehow despite this fact. Smile
I see now the 50/1.8 has a tad higher resolution specifically wide open (going into the "excellent" territory whereas the 50/1.8 does not).
BTW I liked that spectacled man statue seen in the sample images for both lenses (clearly done on the same outing). Where is that?
(02-21-2022, 10:01 AM)Rover Wrote: BTW I liked that spectacled man statue seen in the sample images for both lenses (clearly done on the same outing). Where is that?

It's in my home town, Neuwied... home town in the sense: I was born and grew up there, not currently living there, though, but not far away.

It's a statue of former Mayor Robert Krups, who iniated to build a dam around the city, saving it from high water of the River Rhine, that regularly flooded the city until then.

Probably from the same outing, I go there regularly with review lenses, though.

Ah, I see. Bit downstream of Koblenz.
Re: sample images, I just saw virtually identical pictures of flowers in both sample galleries and thought they might've been done seconds apart, just with different lenses. Smile
To my eternal shame, I'm doing more and more pictures with the phone. Sometimes even when I have the camera on hand, but know it would take too much time getting it ready (like yesterday). Not that taking a picture with a phone is instaneous (you need to unlock it, launch the camera app etc....) but I just don't wanna walk around armed all the time. Mostly because I don't fancy slipping on ice and getting my gear smashed. Smile

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