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RF 800mm f/5.6 & RF 1200mm f/8 L USM IS announced
(02-24-2022, 02:02 AM)Klaus Wrote: 1200mm f/8

800mm f/5.6

I'm not overly impressed when looking at the optical design, to be honest.

The 1200mm f/8 is basically the 600mm f/4 with 2x converter
The 800mm f/5.6 is the 400mm f/2.8 with 2x converter

There's surely a little gain in quality due to the integration but there's probably not too much in it.

    Canon have certainly kept down the weight of their 800mm F5.6 lens at 
3.140 Kgs ......

  ........ against Nikon's 800mm F5.6 which weighs in at 4.560 Kgs including 150 gms with the built in 1.25X TC which makes the lens a 1,000mm  F7 ..... 
 The 1,200mm Canon weighs in at 3.340 Kgs ....... 

  I'm surprised that there is such a difference !!

 My Nikon AF-S600mm F4E VR FL weighs 3.8 Kgs .......
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