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Next OL lens test report: Laowa Argus 33mm f/0.95 CF APO

Quite nice actually despite the caveats
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You write:
"But you may also notice that there is a strange vignetting effect at the top and bottom. This is more obvious in the sample images further down below. This effect is only partially related to the lens itself, but the camera also plays a role in this."
But the lens is not producing it... The fault solely lays with the Sony APS-C E-mount cameras.

You write:
"On Sony APS-C cameras (notably the A6300, which we used for testing here), the sensor is deeply recessed - see below. The problem is that extremely angled, out-of-focus light-rays are partially hitting the "walls" of the sensor housing, causing the top/bottom vignetting in the highlights."

Notably the A6300? All Sony A6XXX, 5XXX, A3XXX, and NEX models all have the same "fault" in their design. "Notably" means "in particular" or "especially", and then the use of that word in regards to the A63000 is misplaced... All E-mount APS-C cameras are affected in a similar fashion with such large aperture, wide FOV lenses.

You write:
"Most likely, this effect is limited to Sony APS-C E mount cameras but that's nothing that we can guarantee."
You can guarantee that this effect is not present with Fuji X-mount cameras, as the sensor surround has been designed without this issue.
Reviews on Fuji cameras bear that out:
Canon EOS M cameras also do not have the Sony sensor-surround issue, so won't cast such a shadow either.
Nikon's Z50 sensor surround also has a rectangular "recess", but appears to be less deep and better designed. My guess is that it won't show a similar issue, but indeed "we can not guarantee" that.
I can't write something that I haven't verified ...

e.g the NEX-7 has a different sensor housing.
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
Nice little lens, even if it is manual focus.
Nice review !!

Laowa came up trumps with this one !!
Thanks for the review Klaus, it's very much appreciated.

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