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I'm feeling an itch
(05-15-2022, 06:27 AM)toni-a Wrote:
(05-14-2022, 08:22 AM)Klaus Wrote: Oh well, according to the tracking the Helis 44 is now ... in Kyiv ...
It was sent from Zaporizhia in early May ... which is now in the war zone.

Even if it never arrives here - I hope the little business helped the seller a bit

As someone who has effectively been as a child  several times in war zones, and who has lived as a refugee I know how bad things should be there, when the only thing that matters is staying alive and not seeing your loved ones killed.

I remember in 1990  after our house was burnt into ashes, I was 12 years old, and as soon as we could get there I rushed into my room to check on my photographs, I could see the photos between the ashes, but as soon as I tried to grab one it disintegrated onto a grey powder .... I never took another photo again till 2004 when I restarted photography.

Hope this madness ends soon

   My Latvian mother who was born in Russia in 1917 (during a work contract of my Latvian grandparents) had to flee her country when russia invaded to occupy the ice free sea access in WW2 ..... her brother (my uncle) was shot by the russians during that time at the age of around twenty, which left my mother with a life long hatred ..... to which I lived in it's shadow  ....... I'm so glad that she did not have to suffer seeing this Ukraine invasion as I know it would have troubled and rekindled memories inside her to the extreme ....... 
 ..... how putin could actually gain pleasure from instigating the elimination and destruction of so many innocent lives including his own forces is just beyond me and just shows he has no conscience ...... no soul or decent feelings ..... none ! .......  the depth of the corruption and deceit of him and his cronies is repulsive and is now being fully exposed .... at the same time he masquerades himself as a hero figure to a duped population  ...
 However, there are strong signs from within his own ranks that could signal his demise as well as terrible russian losses on the battlefield .......... 

   ...... Zelensky's strength and resolve is beyond question and shows that common decency is more than a match for inhuman corruption ....... again in the world, good and evil has such an enormous abyss between them !.......... 

   excuse me guys !...... let us hope that great lessons will be learnt by mankind and democracy will at least to some extent prevent this from happening again ....
As always, lessons get learned by some, and ignored/forgotten/killed by others. We as a collective do not learn a collective lesson, and we as a collective do not make or control this or the next Putin either..

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