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too much gear, should do some arrabgements
Let me see


Keep these:





No point in selling those two.


I had a 5Di and an APS-C camera at the same time. I had bought the 5D only for using with one lens (Zeiss 35/2.4 Flektogon). I ended up not using it at all. It gave me exactly three keepers in one year (maybe even more) so I sold it. To be honest, I don't see such a lens in  your setup neither. 50/1.4 is much more enjoyable in FF but that's about it.


In this way of thinking, I'd ditch the 5D. You have quite a good system in APS-C anyway so  I'd build on that. I'd probably sell:






-Either 17-55 or 15-85. Or just take one of them with you.


I'd probably add a 30/1.4 kinda lens (Sigma has a nice one, right?) and call it a day. 


Or honestly I'd just buy a 6D and get a whole set of lenses. It's much lighter than any of the 5D models and works really well with Canon primes.


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