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Sad new trend: sell less, earn more
Unfortunately that seems the new trend: RAW material and components are becoming scarce with frequent shortages, shipping is becoming super expensive, to counter this industrials are concentrating on expensive high end products...
Instead of selling 10x 1000$ camera, sell 2x 5000$ or maybe less, earn the same money....
Recent lenses announcements from Canon (noting but L primes) and the RF line itself reflect tenancy.
I just read an article from the car industry explaining this, we can easily extrapolate to cameras.
I think the supply chain issues are slowly easing. The peak is certainly behind us.

As far as Canon is concerned - they are playing the closed "premium" system card. Without competition, they can just milk you to maximize their profits.

Unless you are into very high-end gear, I wouldn't recommend purchasing Canon and also Nikon gear, really.
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I think many Nikon Z lenses are pretty good value and beside the 40mm and 28mm, they all seem very very good in term of IQ.
Canon has either crazy expensive stuff or cheapo-crappy lenses with nothing in-between.
As far as lenses go, there is no comparison (IMO), the Z system is a much better offering.

Klaus, what brand would you recommend, then?

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