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Oh yeah ...
The A7C w/ 20-70mm would be pretty appealing weight- and performance-wise ...
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Released... and already reviewed by Lenstip.

10% barrel distortion at 20mm... What did we expect anyway? Smile
Interestingly, the rumor sites got it so wrong this time.
* heavy distortions -> they said minimal
* $1100 -> they said $1600
* it's small -> they said a size similar to the 24-105G

But yes, given that it's "just" a G and the results from the 16-35G, it's hardly surprising that there are heavy distortions at 20mm.

Still, I will get it ASAP. I reckon it'll help me to have a two-lens setup for traveling rather than 3.
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
Well, distortions are kind of a given for (most) any new lens, anyway. I don't expect any of the manufacturers kick this habit now.

It's official now
Surely there will be pnethy of demand for it, despite any shortcomings it might have 20-70f4 is very very attractive
Since adapted E mount lenses won't have distortion corrections, I'm not going to want this lens. Smile
Ahh my dream lens! Amazing range, compact and constant aperture. Very nice.
Despite the huge distortion the corners are actually pretty descent.
I'm now very tempted to buy this lens and a A7C to go with it ;-)

I wonder what is the likely-hood that someone will release an APS-C equivalent?
A 13-45 or 13-50 would definitely be awesome.
I guess it's not going to happen, but who knows, maybe Sony will entice other manufacturers to follow suit?

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I reckon that this lens will put some pressure on the other manufacturers (although much of the credit goes to Panasonic's 20-60mm).
However, a high-performance zoom lens in this range is surely difficult - especially while keeping things small and lightweight.
I doubt that Sigma and Tamron have the design capabilities. Canon, yes (at sky-high prices). Nikon, not sure. Fujifilm - no.
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Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
I don't think Sigma and Tamron are wanting for any design capability; remember, they have had some unique designs and firsts in due time (say, Sigma 12-24, Tamron 24-70/2.8 VC, etc.) Whether they will go for this niche is another question of course, and different users have different needs.

If this lens replaces the Zeiss 24-70/4 (that nobody would lament) in the lineup, then Sony will have created another category. But in my case, I would still go for another lens, more ultrawide (I'm now using the Canon 16-35/4 on FF, and it's still plenty sharp, though the vignetting has become atrocious at 16mm f/4), so where the standard lens would start is irrelevant for me. I'm actually not using any standard zoom at all - the 24-85 was never even mounted on the new camera beyond the initial testing.
With this lens I'm going high and down. First it seemed perfect for me to replace the 16-70; after the preliminary rumors it seemed too expensive. Now the price is such as it will be reasonable in a few months. But:

+ 200 gr heavier than the 16-70;
+ missing the range 16-20mm; yes I cover 16-18 with the 10-18mm and replacing it with the 10-20 would fill the gap; but it's not as versatile as having the whole 16-70 range.

I think I'll pass.


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