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Mir 37mm 2.8 samples (aps)
Following the really interesting tests, just to post real world mir 37mm samples on fuji xt20 (aps... sorry but i don't have ff).

Refocused more than once to find best focus.

I have to say i have never seen such an ugly center full wide... fortunatly improves stopping down. 

Soon i'll try with a petri 28mm 2.8 . i remember ugly corners.
Well, wide-angle vintage lenses are a completely different story compared to the 100-ishs ...
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Sure... for what i have tried, old 50mm are not bad even really nice stopped down, the same for 135mm, (i don't have any 100mm but a volna 80 2.8 6x6 really nice too stopped down), 70-210 f4 zooms rather nice (no 2.8), 35mm not that good, 28mm worser, and 24mm even worser.

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