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Canon 600D half of the image has a pink cast
Hello All,

Just bought a Canon EOS 600D for parts. The weird thing is with this camera, everyting works fine, I can take pictures, but all the pictures have some sort of pink cast or hue on the right side of the image.

Does anyone have a clue what would cause this effect?

Best wishes,

Non-coplanar filter ?

Showing samples will be helpful?

What is a Non-coplanar filter, Klaus?
Hopefully it worked out this time.


Kind regards,


Just guessing could be the green wiring of a part of the sensor damaged... I had such a cast with a screen a sensor should be the same ( pracially the opposite or negative complementary colors)
Hi Toni-a,

Maybe, I don't have a clue. The sensor is clean, but that doesnot mean much. A new sensor is 300 euro without the cost for placing, so that is not an option.

Is there anyone who has a clue after seeing my pictures in the previous reaction from me?

Kind regards,

I had something like this with a D7100, when I used an aspect ratio of the RAW which was (and still is) not supported by Capture One. A part of the frame was magenta.


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