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DPReview is closing... And no it's not April's joke
It goes beyond just being profitable. A big corporation expects big margins. I was at a small mom and pop engineering firm when a big company bought us. So far so good, nice raise and better benefits. Eventually I move on and the company I'm with now does business with my old company. About 6 years later the mom and pop portion was shut down. I asked the CEO why. He said it made great money for single proprietor, but they weren't able to build it up to a corporate standard of profits. The margins, which directly relate to stock prices, weren't hig enough. So, they cut it.

It really makes me wonder what they saw when they bought it? It couldn't just be a cool website about cameras. My guess is there must have been some IP that they really wanted.

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RE: DPReview is closing... And no it's not April's joke - by mike - 03-22-2023, 11:22 PM

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