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DPReview is closing... And no it's not April's joke
I don't think publishers (including myself) have much IP to be harvested.

Technically, Amazon had the right timing - a couple of years before the hype really boosted it all.

But they didn't make anything of it. Maybe the responsible manager had an idea or two and then left the company. It wouldn't surprise me.

I already mentioned this here - our revenue isn't even 1/5th of what it was in 2013 (that was the peak). And that's surely similar across the publisher industry in this segment, I reckon.
There is money to be made on youtube but not from portals.

You can see it across conventional news sites as well - they are all moving to paywalls/subscriptions for a reason. Too many ad blockers, not sexy enough anymore for advertisers.

And so, dpreview wasn't sexy enough for Amazon either. Just some website with 12 headcounts to be fed and quite a bit of infrastructure costs. I reckon their traffic volume was quite insane.

Dpreview is also not the first site to go the way of the dodo.
Back in the days, photodo was big - still online - but long forgotten.
Then, of course, imaging resource.
DxO mark almost went bankrupt.

I'm somewhat puzzled how lenstip can make it - maybe a similar thing like us here.

I think the whole publishing thing will go video. I think most users can't be bothered to read and watching a video where you don't have to do anything is just more convenient.
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