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DPReview is closing... And no it's not April's joke
(03-22-2023, 07:44 AM)Klaus Wrote: If DPR wasn't profitable and if it didn't contribute to Amazon in terms of cross-sales (which they tried), they had to pull the plug.

They have a couple of hundred thousand employees, so firing 12 of them is probably not even a decision on the board level.

But I agree that a subscription plan should have been considered.

Speaking of subscription plan ... OL will go Patreon. ;-) But no panic, it'll be primarily about early access from my side ... and for Markus uploading his mountain of Nikon test charts.

BTW, who would have thought that Pentax and MFT will outlive DPR ;-)

Re: Pentax, LOL,  indeed.

(03-23-2023, 02:24 PM)thxbb12 Wrote: Totally agree.
I hate videos. The amount of time required to obtain a descent amount of information is huge compared to text.
Furthermore, you can't actually browse the content and are forced to watch all the useless blah blah blah to actually locate the interesting bits.
It seems to be generational though. Youngsters were raised on videos and are often unable to read anything longer than 5 lines long.

Yes, also agree, videos are such a waste of time. 
And producing a good video is also more time consuming than producing a good text.

As to videos, I'm wondering what the future holds.  Now Tiktok is all the rage, long videos are out, attention span is going down the tubes. Brainless masses are following clueless inflatulencers ... 
Idiocracy looms...

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