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DPReview is closing... And no it's not April's joke
(04-09-2023, 09:52 PM)Rover Wrote: Odd; I was under the impression that the number of actual professional review sites has, conversely, decreased.

  So today's the last day for DPreviews!

    With such a plethora of new ML lens releases, written review sites can only review a small proportion of them ...... small wonder the market is left wide open to those who wish to try their hand at utube video reviews ....... most are worthless or very brand biased, but a few do show the additional benefits of aspects of a lens which cannot be conveyed by text and still images alone, such as focus breathing, flare and bokeh etc (in many situations) .... notably "Christopher Frost photography"  adopted a simple standard format that covers more or less all aspects of a lens's performance albeit in a less technical fashion ..... 
 ..... in not too many years lens road maps will be more or less complete ...... then what?
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RE: DPReview is closing... And no it's not April's joke - by davidmanze - 04-10-2023, 07:53 AM

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