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Olympus TG7 is out: disappointed
Olympus TG7 is out 

As someone who was awaiting the launch, I am very disappointed....
It's Just Tg6 with USB-C and a firmware minor update.....

Those who need it, have already bought Tg5 and TG6  and those people  have IMHO absolutely no reason to upgrade.... 

They could very easily throw in there  a modern mobile phones sensor, instead of the aging 12MP sensor that is barely usable at ISO 800 upwards....

They are kings in a niche that won't stay in their hands for long if they continue doing nothing to keep it
Yes, I was also wondering what use cases are left compared to a DJI Osmo Action 4.
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I'm heading to El Nido, Philippines in a few weeks and was looking into an underwater P&S. For the price, both the TG6 and the Ricoh WG6 are a little underwhelming. They both seem to underperform compared to modern cell phones and are primarily focused on social media type viewing like cell phones. Reviews are lackluster for both of them too.

I'm leaning towards the less expensive route with the Kodak PIXPRO WPZ2. Which strangely enough has better reviews than the two above. Probably because the expectation is lower at this price point. Less than half the price of the Ricoh.
(09-13-2023, 10:14 PM)Klaus Wrote: Yes, I was also wondering what use cases are left compared to a DJI Osmo Action 4.

Well it has optical  zoom, shoots RAW,  and macro function and it can go in saltwater, and it's really tough but that's where the story end.....

Compared to my mobile phone Umidigi Bison pro:
Image quality: phone is clear winner except for shooting RAW
Price: phone is half the price 
Battery life: phone is by far better 
speed, connectivity, ease of use: phone eats it for breakfast 

Why I bought it : I needed a camera my 3 years old son won't break and that would fit well in his tiny hands.

Why I use it on the beach rather than using the phone? it's the charging unit that is not protected, as I have to wait phone 2-3 hours to dry before being able to recharge it after use in freshwater, with saltwater it's a little bit more complicated as the charging unit will need to be washed carefully otherwise it will need to be replaced after a few weeks as saltwater accelerates corrosion of the contacts .
BTW UMIDIGI phones are under rated, I have been a happy user since 2 years: less than half price of same specs  competitors while being rugged and weatherproof waterproof.
Unfortunately they don't have a distributor in Qatar and their Lebanon dealer is simply a scammer: he systematically refuses to repair anything under warranty, any repair, even as tiny as changing the charging unit, will result in loss of waterproofing as he doesn't have the equipment to seal back the phone.
"The company has drawn controversy under accusations of engaging in fraudulent practices and not honoring product warranties."

The Wikipedia entry sounds promising ;-)
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