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Canon RF 10-20mm f/4 L IS STM announced

I'm almost surprised how "affordable" it is.

And I'm also surprised that it is an STM.
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I never liked the bulging front element on a lens... I expect it  has an updated STM motors since it's the first L  lens to feature STM
Also they talked about "New Image Stabilization (IS) technology, to help minimize wide-angle "fluttering" at outer areas of frame" which is likely a very interesting addition.
Canon is giving photographers what they asked for , but at a price …. It's sad they are not giving enough importance to average consumers
I would've thought this one intriguing, had I not forsworn the RF system. :-) That, and the price, of course. I would expect Nikon to do something along these lines, too.

But both the IS and the fact that this lens is using an STM motor are unexpected.

P.S. The bulbous front element is pretty much a given at this focal length. Even so, the native distortion and vignetting are not going to be pretty.
Vignetting is not preventable on such wide rectilinear lenses, although distortion like that is not really necessary, considering my 10 mm F/3.5 Samyang, and vignetting is virtually unnoticeable at F/5.6.

I would be really disappointed if the new Canon isn't close to the Samyang in IQ. Based on the sample images vignetting is still apparent at F/5.6, although not bad. I am more worried about edge and corner sharpness, which was not all that great with the EF 11-24L at 11 mm. In the sample images there is no good example to draw any conclusions from  however, they are just way too small. The one of the house with pool appears to be OK, but that is taken at F/13,but it does not indicate the FL used.

BTW, the sharpness of the Samyang in the corners plus lack of distortion were the main reasons for me to go for the Samyang 10 rather than the Canon 11-24 at the time ....
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Probably not exceedingly sharp at 10mm - but then this is still pretty awesome for this focal length I suppose.
Chief Editor -

Doing all things Canon, MFT, Sony and Fuji
I was already looking at the Laowa 9mm f/5.6 (in the distant future, of course), but at least two, or maybe even three, lenses with the same parameters have appeared. Smile I wonder which one is better? And is there ever going to be an AF lens this wide? (c'mon Sigma, we know you can do it...)

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