Poll: Would you buy a Contax N lens (24-85 in this case) now?
IDK, just wanna see the results
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Blast from the past: Contax N 24-85 for sale locally

Typically someone like us, she couldn't afford 1DsMkii at the time, she found one now for cheap, she fulfilled her dream and is very happy telling everybody about it... but if she were a professional would it be enough by today's standards ? of course not.
I am considering actually getting 1DSMKI just for that, use it a few times then resell or use an ornament afterwards... pro cameras make good home decorations Smile
Hah, I was considering 1Ds Mark III once. BTW 1Ds Mark II is alright, I guess, save the pedestrian frame rate (by today's standards) and the issues inherent in NiMH batteries. I would totally give one a spin. 1Ds Mark III is better though (although I wish that they had released a successor; if not an outright 1Ds Mark IV then just something like "1Ds Mark III N", with just the higher res screen from 1D4 and maybe the adapted 5D Mark II sensor with its better high ISOs...)

There's something alluring about owning old or "imperfect" gear, I guess. That's why I'm still hanging onto some old lenses like the 24-85 and the Sigma 14mm f/2.8, which is absolutely horrible when taken at face value...

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