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The angst is over... Canon RF 35/1.4 is here
Then again, some people already complain it's not f/1.2.
- Smaller and lighter than the EF version;
- 67mm filter thread. Rear filter slot, too;
- VCM motor;
- Dedicated aperture ring... that is reportedly not working for photos, only video (?!) Heavily implied to be biased towards video anyway;
- No special frills like BR.
I don't have an RF, but I do have FF Sony. Speaking solely on the lens specs themselves, I shoot stills and have no need for a 35/superFast lens. I could see this lens being good for videos. Though I'm not sure why they didn't go f/0.7 to compete with the Zeiss planar 50mm? JK.
Fairly reasonably priced for a Canon lens.

Not sure about the appeal of f/1.4 at this focal length (vs 1.8) but I reckon I'm not the target audience.
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I'm not sure about 35/1.4 but I like to have a 24/1.4 for those special occasions - night and dark indoors shooting. The last time I whipped it out when I was shooting a rare nocturnal cactus blooming at the Botanical Gardens; actually I took just three primes there, my "night creeper kit" - the 24 and the Tamron twins (45 & 85). It was pleasing (at least until the battery blew out).

(dang, the site is down so I can't show you the pics... Big Grin )
At such a price and with those specs obviously coming next is 35mmf1.2 or even 35mmf1,0
(06-09-2024, 12:01 PM)toni-a Wrote: At such a price and with those specs obviously coming next is  35mmf1.2 or even 35mmf1,0

Apparently, an RF 24 F/1.4 and an RF 50 F1.4 are already in the planning ....
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a 50mm f1.4 should make plenty of sense and obviously sell very well.
Canon EF 50mmf1.4 sold extremely well for decades, despite being outdated and having a failing micromotor because it had f1.4 in its name (although for me it was not usable at f1.4) and was rather affordable, just between the 50mmf1.8 and 50mmf1.2
Dunno why it took them all this time to make it....
An affordable 24f1.4 is less likely
If a new 50/1.4 ever comes, it will probably be an L lens costing over $1000. Smile
BTW how come the front page doesn't have news about this little gem:

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