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Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 USM IS II announced
I kinda hoped there would just be a read out of focal length, rather than emulating the scale on the lens barrel. Otherwise looks nicely implemented.

Now with full frame becoming available for everyone at affordable prices, there should be plenty of customers for this lens, the electronic display should be very attractive in the showroom although it doesn't have real life utility.

What's the point of seeing what the IS system is doing?

By joining an attractive lens in the showroom with an interesting range, good optics and affordable price, this lens should sell very well
The 70-300 IS was always a bargain in the Canon lens lineup. It's good that Canon is keeping this tradition (given the extreme price increases in the L lineup).

Quote:The 75-300mm was replaced with the 70-300mm. Now the 70-300mm is replaced with version II.

The one that they are selling a lot of: EF-S 55-250mm IS STM.

Looks like a solid upgrade!

Quite an improvement at 300mm (almost up to Sony FE 70-300mm G OSS and Canon 70-300mm L level), no rotating front element anymore, and much improved fast AF. For a very decent price.

Canon has some really nice lenses at good price.
Quote:Thumbs up to Canon then.

BTW the new EFs 18-55 STM is quite decent too compared to my old 18-55 I got as kit with my 300D, the difference is obvious.

Even the 18-55 IS was one of the better kit lens when it just came out
Quote:Even the 18-55 IS was one of the better kit lens when it just came out
Although it made me a lot of keepers, never considered it as an impressive lens.

If I hadn't already the 70-300 which is pretty nice I would have considered it, however IMHO the price difference isn't worth it now

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