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Yongnuo 14mm f/2.8
     Funny you should mention the reliability of Yongnuo flashes Toni,  I was going to buy a one of their better HSS flashguns,  but the more I researched the more I came across people who had problems.


   One guy had bought five Yongnuo flashguns and a year later, only two still worked.


  I have a selection of older flashes, a decent small Nikon SB 20 and a couple of others, these flashes used to last forever......


   Now Yougnuo have brought us the "works for a year" flashgun....


  You get a lot for your money, powerful, radio controlled etc......just not for they stand the brand is just not investable!

I read, Godox is an alternative to Yongnuo? You can have a couple of old Metz's from me, the oldest was produced 40 years ago. And has to of now, because "someone" did not follow the instruction to put in some batteries annually. Earlier times, it cost me half the salary for an apprentice and was my winning team although I still don't like flashguns. I was afraid it would freeze a motherboard if I use it on a digital cam.


But there are still a couple of younger items around, only 30 years or so and working They have adapters for dedicated systems. And will not die because of too much use  <_< . The point is, even these sophisticated flash-electronics will become outdated soon. Nikon's non-radio lighting system needs a refresh, and if they do it, I wonder if the flashguns of today will still work fully with new cameras.


Back to the lens. Why buying an outdated throw-away thing, when one gets good second hand ones for that price - or good enough, in the case of 14/2.8?
Godox is quite alright, we can discuss them further in another thread in necessary.

I think they are releasing it for all major cameras (well fuji for sure; and perhaps nikon and micro 4/3)? Never heard of them - maybe that is a good thing ?


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