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EOS M5 rumoured specs
Quote:... the EF-M lenses are way cheaper that Sony or even Zeiss ones and yt offer outstanding image quality....

That's a very interesting order.  Huh So far I thought if your really want to burn some money, get Zeiss  :lol:
If Canon use the 80d sensor and dual pixel af plus add an evf I will be interested.It will be an interesting shootout with the x-t2 and a6300. I think Canon's trump card will be their vast array of affordable lenses, ones like the 55-250 stm just don't exist in the other systems (ie affordable and great image quality)

Quote:Rover, ok if you can live with adapted lenses on Sony E-mount cameras. I could not, because Sony cameras are a pain in the ass when it comes to ergonomics and handling. I always have the feeling that I am going to hurt myself when touching a Sony cam. Moreover, the EF-M lenses are way cheaper that Sony or even Zeiss ones and yt offer outstanding image quality. All this, plus the possibility to adapt EF/EF-S lenses without any loss of performance makes the EOS M-system very attractive for me. Just came back from my first "EOS-M-only" holidays and I haven't missed anything (despite having a FF camera on the shelf).
I think you're contradicting yourself a bit on this one... Besides, you can adapt Canon lenses to the Sony with full functionality using the adapter - much like you'd have to use with the Canon EF-M bodies. But the Sony E system is a magnitude more mature than the Canon M, and it looks like it's going to stay this way - Sony has been rolling out the native lenses like there's no tomorrow while the Canon has given us... the 28/3.5 macro and squat else. Again, having a decent trio of UWA/kit/cheap telezoom lens is not an achievement - it's a bare minimum.


I'm a Canon (DSLR) user - so I have no horse in the Sony race - but I have no trouble admitting that the Canon mirrorless system is, to put it mildly, underwhelming. The Fuji system looks like it's from another world, and we all know why. Smile I hope Canon goes find the courage to change it and really invest in the system, but I'm having doubts about this - looks like they're ever wary of "cannibalizing sales" from the entry level DSLR. Well... they are getting what they bargained for! With 6 lenses (two of which are essentially duplicate slow kit lenses) they'll never set the Thames on fire.

I don't see any contradiction there. As I said, have it the way you want it. I am very happy with the EOS M system. What counts for me is the performance and the image quality, and in both respects I'm getting what I want. End of story.


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