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Should I get 18-135 ?
I am not yet decided about my hiking kit.

Tried 5D plus 24-105, not bad at all however rather short on the tele end 

Tried 750D plus 17-55/18-55 plus 70-300, nice but will need to swap lenses and heavy

I am considering a single lens solution, Tokina 24-200 on 5D seems a viable option especially it has a legendary build quality, my other option is 18-135 on750D, here I have IS and much better resolution and much lighter combo, although the tokina will always have the edge when it comes to build quality and tolerance to hiking harsh conditions 

The 18-135 STM is a great lens. I bought one for my wife after I gave her my 650D. The lens is pretty sharp and the focus is the most quiet and instaneous that I've ever seen in a lens. The lens even worked decently on a 1D body (in a pinch or through an extension tube).


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