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A great experience with DXO
Maybe they were using the Express version, that one has nothing in it though.

Quote:It's one hour for editing 981 pictures and applying presets, then launched the batch that is still running since yesterday.

Let it waste the laptop time as long as I am not using it, the important it saved my own time.

I have 2 other PCs anyway
I'm still on DxO 10 as I don't have any great reason to upgrade at this time, usually camera body support nudges me over. For sure, Prime is sloooooow even on a high end desktop, so I can't imagine regular laptops having fun on that. Personally I find that standard is good enough for most things, and I only go to Prime when things get tough.


It isn't complete or perfect, but I much prefer it over anything Adobe, and I never figured out how to effectively use DPP, C1 or others.
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Well DPP is free, very easy and gives amazing results as long as the original picture doesn't need big adjustments, for daylight and flash portraits it's wonderful, IMHO the best.

Never was at ease with C1 and lightroom. Silkypics was good at the time however it couldn't catch up with the others.

Be careful with DXO however, DXO smart lighting can do catastrophes to the hair, sometimes people look as if they had white hair among their natural hair, sometimes even hair color changes.

DXO clear view can ruin some landscape and tree pictures by turning branches black if you are not careful.

If your screen isn't perfectly calibrated for rendering the shadows you might end up with very unpleasant surprises on prints.

This is my very personal point of view: Canon DPP is the best for printing while DXO is more oriented for the web, however if you have time and patience working on your picture DXO won't let you down
And here's a screenshot from the coversion process, I converted a part yesterday and started a new batch this morning, it didn't finish yet and we are talking about 5D 11 MP files with higher resolution files I wonder how long it will take

641 pics in 13 hours 51 minutes tht's really slow

[Image: gallery_5426_156_73837.jpg]


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