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Canon dual pixel RAW, too good to be true ?
  I spent some time thinking about this "Dual pixel RAW" feature and it's supposed ability to change the plane of focus after the shot has been taken, I couldn't see any way it could do it, yes it can look at the image from two viewpoints per pixel site,  but how could it change the plane of focus? 

 The answer is that it can't, however it can process the two viewpoints and attempt by using it's 3D viewpoint to "boost" sharpening in front or behind the real focus plane, but that's something anyone could do in PP anyway.

 The results show that it just plain doesn't work, at least at any useful level, the changing of the bokeh does have some visible effect, but again of limited usage. The doubling of file size file size and loss of frame rate and buffer cripple it's use even further.


Tony Northrup clears up the matter in another of his well put together videos!


This of course plays nicely into the hands of Fuji owners!

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Canon dual pixel RAW, too good to be true ? - by davidmanze - 09-07-2016, 06:08 PM

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