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The Fuji 100-400mm ...
Quote:The biggest negative is size and price. 

Are not both of these less than the canon by a fair margin? 

£1800 vs £1400 - 28% more

1640gms vs 1375 gms - 19% more
the current Nikon 80-400 VR is 2200.- francs, while the Fuji here goes for 1700.- 29%

weight difference 1570 gr. vs 1375 gr. 14% difference.


BUT that's a FF lens, like Klaus said. Much lower production quantities, electric diaphragm and focus by wire might also have an impact. Especially the latter is very not useful.

Interesting to compare weight vs sensor area covered


Canon       1640gms -  864mm<sup>2</sup> - 1.9g/mm<sup>2</sup>

Fuji            1375gms -  370mm<sup>2</sup> - 3.7g/mm<sup>2</sup>

Panasonic 985gms    - 225mm<sup>2  </sup>- 4.4g/mm<sup>2</sup>


Also the body weight should be considered 

x-t1 440gms

6d/7d 860gms

gh4 570gms


All adds up.


<sup>so the fuji and mft lenses are close. I suppose we should also consider the effective focal lengths, here the canon looks less competitive. </sup>

The Canon camera will have a shape and grip more comfortable with the weight and length of the lens. 

The Fuji has more tele reach than the Canon used on FF (not when used on APS-C), the Panasonic even more.


It only makes sense to compare the Canon on APS-C to the Fuji, in my opinion.


The Canon 6D "only" weighs 760 grams (with battery and card), by the way.

Depending where you are using this lens, an extra grip for X-T2 or even X-T1 gives more exposures, so at the end no weight advantage for Fuji. The batteries go down quickly once there's only 2 bars of indicator visible. And as mentioned, this lens sucks power once the camera is switched ON.

It did occur to me that the extra grip would likely be used. Looking like the mft option is the way to go for people looking for a lightweight setup.

I had zero difficulties using the lens on the naked X-T1.

Good for you.


When I use "just" an X-E2 without grip, I need to be very "convincing" to move the zoom ring. Not to talk about manual focus with app. 700° from closest distance to ∞. I would appreciate if all that works a bit smoother and if there's a kind of intelligence behind the focus by wire which lets focussing speed increase when turning fast. To move the whole distance through, I have to grip and turn 7×, for me it just takes too long. But of course, AF set up to single and aim at something close to it, then override the AF is always a possibility.


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