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Zeiss "classic" lenses discontinued
I saw it in the news.

What Zeiss ZE/ZF "classic" lenses hadn't already been discontinued (outright or in favour of a particular new Milvus model) now are. So stock up while you still can...

Not a huge surprise as the Milvus line is pretty much a reissue of the Zeiss Classic line (which is pretty much a reissue of their old Contax mount lenses). Many excellent lenses such as the 135/2 were already discontinued. Only the classic focal lengths between 25mm - 85mm had remained.


Somehow relevant picture:


[Image: 24327431_1758573097517645_2969097465657032704_n.jpg]

To be fair, the Milvus line does contain a bunch of new lenses like the 18/2.8, 25/1.4, 50/1.4 and 85/1.4. However, the prices are now even higher than before... (and yes, I like that picture, especially the three interchangeable lenses towards the right hand side...)

Which prices are going lower? I mean, is there a possibility to increase quality and lower prices? Yes, Sigma did so, but their latest creations are - although very competitively priced - not something for a quick shopping in the evening.


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