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Latest Canon rumors
The lack of AFMA is pretty appealing. I've never really considered the problems with differing AFMA at different focus distances. With my 5d and 70-200 f4 it missed focus fairly regularly, but I put this down to the old focus system.


one of the reasons for considering the GH4 was the 4k video, so this would be of interest in the x-t2 too. (cat videos obviously)


 I guess it boils down to how good the autofocus is with the x-t2. It is also a somewhat more discreet package than an slr.

Currently I'm reading a bit more detailed about X-T2 features in this very nice and deep report:


And the next thing will be downloading a manual to see even more.


What I also like so far: USB-3 support, batteries in body and grip can be charged without removing them and by USB (in the body). A lot of small details, each not worth to upgrade for (besides of some real heavy weighting differneces like faster processor), but nonetheless showing Fuji is constantly listening to user wishes.

I think the faster shutter is one of the killer features. 11.4ms blackout time, so less that a 5d (15ms) and near contemporary slrs (~10ms). There is also live view at 100hz during cl drive setting (5fps).


One aspect i'm unsure of relates to the behaviour with the electronic shutter. This is rated to 14fps, but I can find no mention of the live view or autofocus behaviour. Presumably is displays the last frame like my x100t.


the autofocus during 4k looks very good from the couple of clips i've seen.


oh, and the charging of two batteries in the grip using the supplied adaptor looks useful. Shame it doesn't do the one in the body at the same time.

Yes, but the one in the body I could still charge from the outside with USB cable - so no need to dismount the grip. Which is about 200 % better than on Nikon  ^_^ A nikon grip is just a couple of less well functioning wheels in a comparartively weak housing, neitehr weather sealed nor any additional functionality than to make the camera bigger and eventually host normal AA-batteries. But it easily costs 15% of the body, no charger/power plug included, this is sold separately in two parts and I need to dismount the grip to plug in the AC/DC adapter.


The X-T2 is very usable without grip, but although the grip costs the same 15% of the body, it adds so much functionality and comes with the charger. Same with the body: no inbuilt flash, but a little flashgun is part of the package.


The electronic shutter shows no blackout on my X-E2 during a burst, so I didn't realize the drive mode was set to "high". I can't tell about AF, because AF on an X-E2 is, hmmm, not much better than guessing the focus.


But as the author said "nobody knows anything"...

I had a grip for my 600d, but never used it. Having to take the battery compartment door off was a step too far. I'm a little disappointed that the fuji grip has an extra piece going up the body as it will make it less compact for fitting in a camera bag (another bug bear with the canon grip).

The "extra piece" is forming a deeper handgrip  Wink in front of the body. The only piece which is going into the body, is the rectangular plug with app. two dozens of contacts (so it's really the question why they don't charge the in-camera-battery from the grip...). But why would you want to separate the grip from the body? The grip for my D810 has a nice cool place in a drawer. Since it doesn't really add a lot of value (in terms of versatility), but a lot of volume and wobble on a tripod and needs an extra, extra-expensive L-bracket for the tripod, I rather take two spare batteries than the whole grip and still save space in the bag.


With the Fuji grip things are a lot different because of a big extra versatility, higher performance of the whole system and even if it would be as "flexible" as the Nikon versions (I doubt that), the shutter vibration will be much less or none at all (electronic shutter).


[Image: 28025214032_83798d295c_b.jpg]

My though is to use the grip with larger lenses such as the 100-400, then remove it for more general use.


Perhaps the extra hand grip will actually be quiet useful. Not having to remove the camera battery and door is nice.

I use to have an L-plate or another Arca-type plate for tripod use. So I would keep it underneath.


So, I'm expecting the weight of grip plus 2 × additional batteries (90 gr.) to be around 250-350 gr. + 507 gr. for body (incl. batt. and cards) to be like max. 900 gr. - the D810 is 1060 gr. with L-plate. If I want small, light and tiny, I can use the X-E2.


I think - but am not sure - it will rest underneath the camera and still don't fill up the bag like a D810.


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