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Wedding photography as a surprise present for a couple
Another wedding today...

Taking with me just 5D plus 24-105f4L IS

100mm macro (dunno if I am gonna use it for the wedding , however I have another use for it that's why it is in my bag)

and the fisheye. 

Nice gesture Toni, I hope it all goes well and the wedding and the day are a great success! 

Dave's clichés
Well I had 2 weddings in a row in  2 weeks.

The first one went amazingly well, I handed the picture to the nurse who was more than pleased, they are asking for enlargements for many pictures, now everyone at the hospital wants my pictures, anyway my landscape picture are now on almost all the walls of the hospital, but not everyone know I took them it's nice to personalize your workplace with your photos.

As for the other wedding everything went fine and the couple were extremely happy with the pictures, till.....they decided to split, nonetheless they asked for prints of  the shots where they were not together...


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