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Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 ...
Klaus don't take it so hard. People feel attached to their things. ;-)
Not an issue, just a review is now a little bit not complete or deceiving for a potential buyer. Yes, optics are most important, but in 2016 to have a lens with poor AF performance is a disaster, embarrassing, sad. People were returning this lens and I don't argue with that, it was sad little slow lens, not really usable in many conditions. Smile I wouldn't want it without this firmware, at all.


Remark about existing firmware update which solves (serious) AF problem sounds like a reasonable idea, doesn't it?



The AF was bad in many ways, as I understand. So what did the firmware update fix, and what did it not fix?

Behaves like completely new lens on A7ii. In every way it is faster, less hunting, better lowlight, useful in tracking.


There were two updates, one for lens, and another for camera. Very simple to apply. It was hunting so often with old firmware combination, but after the update it is magnificent in low light, I wonder if DSLR would even be able to focus as Sony can (single shot AF).


If the background isn't very distracting it can even track approaching subject really well. Makes sense buying it, still a lot cheaper/lighter then any other option.


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