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Your favourite not-so-trivial camera accessories
I shoot a lot on a tripod and generally hate having a strap around my neck but sometimes that's the best way to carry a camera around.


So when that's the only safe option all my shoulder/neck straps clip quickly onto an Optech utility loop.


As you can see I just love them.


What are your favourite accessories?


Micro USB-OTG cable to quickly transfer the pictures to the phone - and then all over the world Smile - without fiddling with the Micro SD card.

12mm extension ring. Usable on my 70-200mm f4 L USM to get just that little more magnification, on my 35mm f2 to get to 1:2 macro.


Also: Magic Lantern firmware on my 6D. Gives trap focus when wanted/needed. I used to have trap focus with my home made trap focus adapter for my ultra micro nikkor 55mm f2, on my EOS 450D. But the EOS M lacks PD AF focus conformation, so no trap focus for my 450D replacement. Now I can use it with any lens on my 6D, pretty awesome. And besides that, a slew of video options which may come in handy sometime, magic zoom focus assist, very cool bracketing features, focus peaking, advanced exposure monitoring including RAW histogram, dual ISO stills and so on.


My iPhone, which doubles as remote live view device together with my 6D via WiFi.

What is trap focus ?

Still dreaming about an iPhone. Unfortunately, it's not exactly an accessory. More like an essential.

I am (just) managing with a 70€ Windows phone, which unfortunately doesn't even have an app to trigger a Nikon camera.

I would have added Dslrdashboard to the list but that also doesn't work with the Nikon J5.
Trap focus: Camera triggers right at the moment something becomes in focus under the active focus point.

I made an adapter for my Ultra Micro Nikkor 55mm f2 lens, which is a hight quality old industrial lens with M39 lens thread and is fixed focus. Focussing then is done by moving the whole camera to or from the intended subject, which is not all that easy handheld, to nail focus perfectly. So, I used the electronics of an old and broken Sigma AF lens to make the camera trigger the moment something was in focus.


The accuracy is phenomenal.


Now, on my 6D, magic lantern offers a trap focus function. I can use it with any manual focus lens, or any AF lens set to manual focus.


Another favourite gadget: Infrared remote ordered from ebay for $0.99 including postage. It works fine on my 6D and my EOS M.


Oh, and my Marumi 58mm ND8 filter. Allows me to shoot my 55m f1.2 lenses wide open on sunny days.


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