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Decentered lens's
In the reviews I see decentered lenses as faulty lenses with poor quality. Recently I discovered that this is not totally true.

I was at the repairs and was seeing how decentering is repaired:

The lens used to be mounted on a custom mount and project a chart on a wall now they just shoot a chart using live view plus HDMI projection on a screen, behind the camera mount there are a lot of screws that change position to lens elements, after adjustments any lens is back working nicely.

The bad news in Canon land this is available for all L lenses, but not all L lenses. The guy also told me centering quality is not lifelong after heavy use any lens can acquire such a defect, it is easily repaired. So having a centering defect on my 17-55 IS after ten years of use, isn't surprising.

If you have a decentetered lens this is not the end of the world especially if it is Canon L.

I know now the basics of the trick however I am not ready to do it and I prefer leaving to professionals.

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