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Decentered lens's
"And no I wouldn't sell defective equipment without notifying it is not ethical. EBay is not a cure for de-centered lenses".



  Unfortunately others are not like you, and it is a cure for a lot of sellers!......that's why I don't buy from ebay any longer, i bought a Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 which was poorly centered and had to pack out the bayonet to make it reasonable. I did risk buying  Pentacon 135mm bokeh monster from ebay, knowing that a lens of that era rarely had those problems, it was OK.


I stick to fixed focals these days, out of the six AF-D series 20mm/24mm/28mm/35mm/50mm/85mm F1.8/  55mm micro all except one copy of the 35mm F2 were well centered, it was only slight but I bought another copy! (all from "Le bon Coin site here in France)


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