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Official: Canon EF-M 28mm f3.5 IS STM Macro.
Quote:TeeGee -


If you have this lens, lets see this so-called "Super Macro", or at least 1:1!  It sounds like an interesting lens.  I wish people would include working distance whenever they provide MFD. 

The picture on the right is 1:1. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the working distance, as I don't carry a yardstick with me all the time.
Sorry, Tee Gee, I wasn't trying to criticize you!  I went to the Canon site the see what they had to offer, and as I could not find the working distance, only the MFD, at it bugs me that a premiere lens maker does not provide the most basic information, but such is the nature of marketing.


My other little annoyance was that I did not really grasp what is meant by super macro mode.  I can see a couple possibilities but I would have thought that would have been gone into at length.  Maybe it is...somewhere, but unless they want to make one for EF-s my curiosity is not at the level of discomfort.


Probably just as well about the yardstick...

Super macro mode: In normal settings, the lens goes to 1:1 macro. You can set it in super macro mode, and it will go down to 1:1.2.

As for working distance at super macro mode, see this video which makes it graphic:

Super macro means 1.2 : 1 not vice versa.

The video includes a bad mistake: it says the focal length on an APS-C sized sensor would be 45mm, which is outright bullshit. 28mm is 28mm of focal length, that's physics.

What changes, depending on the size of the sensor, is not the focal length, but the angle of view. And this length offers an angle of view comparable to a 45mm lens on a full format sensor.

What I was wondering is do they shift the lens forward, effectively making behave as though there were a tube attached in order to get the extra macro to 1.2 : 1?  If so that is going to put the front element very close.  Maybe with this set up it isn't as hazardous to the lens as it would ordinarily be...if you can tell from the lighting when you are too close to the subject.


Yeah, I agree that 45mm comment has no place in a discussion of a macro lens.  Yes the FOV will be different, but working distance, lighting, sharpness, and DoF are the defining qualities of this lens.  And actual focal length and f-stop at MFD.  Well, I guess the good news for Photozone is that reviews continue to be necessary!


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