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Possibly a Canon EF-M 28mm f3.5 IS STM macro on the horizon...
Quote:I did not say so, but obviously you know better :wub:
You said: it is ALWAYS better to have a faster lens. F1.4 is two stops faster than f2.8. Hence, you must be buying those, as that is always better.  B)

But f3.5, 2/3rds of a stop slower than f2.8, will not do.
Yes, I said, I'd always prefer a faster lens, but I never said, it must be f/1.4 all the time. 2/3rds of a stop or one stop faster would also be nice. As a matter of fact, most modern macro lenses are f/2.8

I do not appreciate you twisting my statements the way you want it.

Yes, you say you always prefer a faster lens. That is why I said, you must have f1.4 lenses as they are 2/3rds of a stop, 1 stop, no even 2 stops faster than f2.8.

Just to point out the silly arbitrary line you drew in the sand. It is fine for you not to want this lens, or whatever other lens.  But your criticism of this lens not being f2.8 is just a bit funny. 

You just don't get it. Let's leave it like that.


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