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The Pentax FF K1 DSLR is out: Ephotozine Review!
Well, the K-1 is not meant to be sold in large quantities - the initial production volume is a mere 7000 units per month (or slightly less than 1% of the total DSLRs). Sure, Pentax might have been underestimating the demand, again (for example, the demand for the 645z was about double the estimation); but this should give us an idea about the scale they're working with.

And that's perfectly fine Smile


Tokina is definitely not a subsidiary of Pentax. None of the new lenses are Tokinas; two of them, the D FA 15-30 and the D FA 24-70, are rebadged Tamrons. The rest are Pentax.


We're expecting 4 FF primes and a FF fisheye zoom in "2017 or later":


 The K1 has the IQ to knock spots off even the Canon 50 Mps sensor in it's pixel shift mode, which increases resolution and reduces noise, any movement in the image is ignored.....an improvement over the K3II ...also hand held shooting can be used in the four consecutive shots.

 In this mode it will be the reference FF sensor.


 Just waiting for the test results!


  Tokina had an association with a few of the earlier DA* lenses, signs of that with the DA16-50mm F2.8 showing with the bothersome CAs.




Oh and can we put this "the DSLR is dead" mantra to bed, at least for the time being?


 Frankly it looks for all the world to be having one hell of a late night!

Dave's clichés
Quote:Pentax being the #1selling FF DSLR in Japan is good news.

This should put the pressure on others. It has been ages we are waiting for a successor of Canon 5D Mk3 and yes k1 is very tempting vs mk3

Also Pentax should be working on high quality glass for their FF SLR hopefully this will lead to more lenses coming from their subsidiary tokina,
Pentax started to either jointly develop with, or use designs/products of Tokina in last 10 APS-C years. Tokina is part of the company that also has Kenko and Hoya brands. Hoya bought Pentax but that was not the most lucky partnership, now Ricoh bought Pentax and it looks like the Tokina link has been cut (Pentax now uses Tamron designs instead).


Sony has a stake in Tamron, by the way. And produces for instance the sensors for Pentax Tongue

The lenses subject to the Pentax-Tokina collaboration were launched between 2004 and 2008 (without counting the re-made 100mm f/2.8 macro). AFAIK most were Pentax designs.

Pentax collaborated with Tamron in the past, even well before digital (and during the Pentax-Tokina collaboration). Of course, Pentax remains a reputed optical lens maker. They can, and do make lenses of their own.

One such example is the Pentax D FA* 70-200mm f/2.8, a very impressive design, with no less than 8 special glass elements.

 Not forgetting the brief link with Samsung when they had duplicity models, the Samsung GX10 and the Pentax K10 followed by the Samsung GX20 and the Pentax K20.......the latter two had the 14.7 Mps Samsung sensor.......



 Unhappy with that collaboration Samsung split with Pentax and took it's own unfortunate mirror-less route resulting in it's photographic demise having brought to market a stream of less notable models, with what seemed like one of mirror-less's most accomplished and sophisticated sports cameras ever, the NX1!


  Still think it was a big shame.....the NX1 was just what many ML fans were looking for....just that Samsung didn't want hang in there.... while Pentax still marches "ironically" on.......


   Were there a few lessons learnt there in the Pentax board room do you think?

Dave's clichés
At dpreview the Pentax K1 also is giving great results with dynamic range and noise control as good as it could be in DSLR land 


and pentax bashing never ceases

Quote:and pentax bashing never ceases

I think this isn't bashing.


Pentax has all the skill to design a superb mirrorless camera ... yet they come up with the Q.

Pentax had a full format prototype at a time when it was important ... yet they delivered a production model 2 years after the camera hype collapsed.

Now they have a full format DSLR but few lenses. 


I think Pentax has a bunch of great engineers but miserable marketing and sales (and those two departments define where things are going no matter what R&D thinks about it).
An interesting but ultimately flawed point of view.


Pentax come up with the Q, and the K-01... when the choice of making a proper mirrorless camera system wasn't an option. Both were developed while Hoya was preparing to sell them to Ricoh.


The old full frame project was canceled because of the sensor, and the other camera using the same sensor (Contax) failed miserably.


Pentax has more FF K-mount lenses than the Sony FE.


Last but not least, going mirrorless - what you seems to think it's the "right" kind of camera - wouldn't solve any one of those points. On the contrary, on the lens side things would've been much more dire.

Yes, maybe, but what does Ricoh/Pentax gain now? After the FF hype is slowly fading out and the mirrorless hype about to start? Coming up with a project which will rest like lead in the shelves? Which dealer will dare to present Pentax while there are so many equally good Canon/Nikon/Sony bodies out or expected? Having more lenses than Sony in the portfolio - what kind of surprise ist that meant to be?


I recall the times when Pentax came up with their LX. Exchangeable finders, state-of-the-art flash system, all very nice - and it never came even close to be a serious competitor to Nikon F3 or Canon F1 / A1. The lens portfolio had gaps others didn't and I have to say, I found Pentax to be too small (only for Japanese hands the right size) and their lenses looked like cheapo Beroflex, Dabubia or whatever was coming from Eastern Europe. Every other brand managed to have a more professional design than Pentax was able to do.

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