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The Pentax FF K1 DSLR is out: Ephotozine Review!
 JoJu, it never crossed my mind for a moment that you represented a future potential Pentax FF customer! Rolleyes


BTW. " All"  Pentax models have inbuilt AF adjustment right across the range and have had since and including the K20. BTW you can even calibrate in AF fine tune the viewfinder manual focusing aid (beep with pink square)

 So I think that's indeed the point, lot's of people are having fun manual focusing and I don't mind doing some with my couple of MF dinosaur Russian lenses, sometimes I even nail the eyes...sometimes!


The world is a a huge palette of flavours and tastes.....long may it be so! 

You didn't get it, dave: It's not the possibility to change a value of AF adjustment (all current "enthusiast" DSLRs close to semi-pro have that feature - and why do they have it? ^_^  Right, because they need it), it's the inbuilt adjustment to do it depending on the camera's own LiveView at least quicker than shooting a bunch of test shots against a well and even lit contrasty target - like we see in D500 / D5 as a first in DSLRs. Oh, I nearly forgot: this adjustment is for one FL and for one distance vaild...  Big Grin


Oh, and K-m and K-x didn't have AFMA, so no, not all Pentax' have that feature. Hence my troubles with a lens that wouldn't focus properly.


If you believe in pink lights and beeps, fine. I rather enjoy to see the focus at the place I'm interested in on sensor plane. I'm sorry, but the way you describe it ("even fine tune the manual focus in viewfinder") tells me you never did that for yourself and you don't know how mediocre the precision of this pink light beeping technique is? But well, let's not split hairs, somebody who needs manual focus will stop down and who cares of the focus is where it should be?


Besides, how long took it Nikon to make the D300s successor...  Wink
" Oh, and K-m and K-x didn't have AFMA, so no, not all Pentaxs have that feature".



"But well, let's not split hairs",....Good idea!  Smile


Anyway I'll remember all that when I'm shooting BIF and nature with my new S/H (coming before the weekend) Nikor AF-S 500mm ED IF F4 lens and the Nikon AF-S 1.4EII 14 teleconverter.


   Perhaps we could have shoot-out JoJu......Nikon vs Fuji!


Sparrows in flight at fifty paces?


I'll lend you my binoculars.... B)

JoJu, don't waste your time, tell us - which is the oh-so-much-better-than-Pentax brand we all should jump to? Wink


No matter what you do, you cannot hide the truth - that Pentax made an amazing camera, especially considering its price. And your "arguments" are quite weak, honestly.


Do you realize the D500 is more expensive than the K-1, despite being an APS-C body? I'm not even talking about the medium-format priced D5. So, it better have performance and features to match its price.


Do you realize the K-x is a 7-year old camera, long replaced? Dave is correct, all Pentax cameras have inbuilt AF adjustment. There's only the small point that some models after the K20D didn't had it.

All current Pentax cameras would hit the nail, Kunzite  ^_^ And I'm not talking about the fact, one could change the AF micro-adjustment. I'm talking about Nikon D5/D500 can use LiveView to calibrate this adjustment onboard, meaning
  • whereever I am
  • whenever I need it
  • without a studio setup
  • without additional software
  • without additional hardware like focus rulers or targets

Yes, the K-1 is an amazing camera - but that doesn't it make an amazing system. And it doesn't help of all the other "weak" issues owners will have with it, such as
  • reduced support of RAW-converters, apps for tethered shooting, focusstacking apps, you name it...
  • Pentax is the least supported brand and I don't know many traders with faith for Pentax
  • no big choice of current 3rd party lenses,
  • a general lack of optical specialities like tilt-shift, long FL macros, macro with flash or LED inbuilt, fish-eye, UW, long tele-zoom...
K-m and K-x also were "amazing cameras" - for their price tag and for some features like in-body-anti-shake or even the ability to use normal AA-cells either rechargeable or not (I mean, how cool is that?). And the weather sealing is one of the best on the market. But speed-wise, AF-speed-wise: nothing to write home about...


Quote:Do you realize the D500 is more expensive than the K-1

No, I don't realize - because it simply is not true. The K-1 here in Switzerland costs 200 francs more than a D500. Still, an excellent price for that high featured FF K-1.


Last thing, Kunzite, I don't care a single bit about your verdict of my arguments. Find them weak or whatever, you go Pentax and I somewhere else and both is fine.  Big Grin


I think - without irony - for all remaining Pentaxians the K-1 is more than they could hope for. And they had not longer to wait for than people waiting for a D500 (which I would not see as really "hot" or "gimme one now, taht's all I ever need!", but it has this lens adjustment feature Pentax and others and other Nikons, too, lack of.)

For all other brands: Not enough reason and safety for investment to switch, especially not enough range of lenses. If Pentax has to buy lensdesign from Tamron (15-30 and 24-70), to me that also says something about R&D capacities.

Oh, so two very expensive (in one case, very expensive for an APS-C camera) have a new feature, and Pentax is doomed because they don't have the same feature. Really.  Rolleyes

Do the D500 and D5 have a 35mm-format high resolution sensor? With Pixel Shift Resolution? If you play the "missing feature" game, play it fairly.


If the Pentax FF system is adequate or not, it depends on some exact requirements. Nobody is denying the limitations, but you're going much further - let's remember how you decided that the K-1 is "a project which will rest like lead in the shelves". I know the word describing that... I won't use it yet, though.


The D500 is more expensive than the K-1 in the U.S. and various European countries (e.g. France, Germany).


I don't think you're fine with people choosing differently, seeing your posts. I think you have some "revolution" to force on us Wink

By the way, Silkipix appears to properly support PSR, and 3 types of tethering - wireless from a smartphone/tablet, LightRoom plugin and standalone application - are supported. Traders lacking "faith" are simply refusing to sell, which makes me doubt their business sense. Long tele-zoom, 150-450?

There's still much to be done, Hoya's cost cutting did hurt; but things aren't so bad.

Quote:I don't think you're fine with people choosing differently, seeing your posts. I think you have some "revolution" to force on us Wink

I'm not fine with people cheering at a possible dead-end system and not recognizing the limits. You were the one who said the demand is higher than production. Now, how high is production? More than 5.000, 10.000 per month? Worldwide?


Here's the target of Nikon in 2012: 30.000 D800 and 5.000 D4 per month, I'm not able to get contemporary targets.


The pixel shift feature is a limited one: Always and only on tripod, moving objects can become a problem, so far no RAW-converter supporting it except Silky Pix (which I dislike, no matter it's the Nikon or Pentax version). But of course, in time this will change (hopefully). So, on a windy day, no help for landscapes - but great to have it in a studio. And it's made to increase the color resolution. But, as DPreview also stated: "One other downside of older primes, as we've mentioned before, is that they might not seem as amazing on 36MP as they did on film. But you can always downsize your files, stop the lens down, or do what I did: ignore it and get on with shooting."


If I need to downsize 36 MP to get decent sharpness, what's the sense of 36 MP? I'm only saying this because choice between a lot of old vintage lenses doesn't mean the same as choice between a lot of very good (and also third party) lenses. I would really miss the option to use Sigma lenses. Most Art / Sports versions are only Canon, Nikon or Sigma.


The prices here range from CHF 1.967.- for a Nikon D500 (and you're right, this can't be a comparison sample, but again, I was just veryfying your "K-1 is cheaper than D500") and from CHF 2.150.-...2.400.- for a K-1.

However, in Germany you're statement makes perfect sense: 2.325 € for D500 (at not less than 27 dealers at exactly the same  2.329.- :blink: ), 1.999.- € for K-1 (at not less than 11 dealers without a single cent difference - interesting...). I'm sorry, but I was concluding the difference and the direction of which is more expensive is about the same in Germany. My bad.


No, I'm in no "revolution" to force on you, as I said, you take Pentax or what you like and I something else which appears to be appropriate to what I want. Also, great to have this alternative for each Pentaxian and for each person new to DSLR and wishing to start with FF. If I would take a lot of pictures in bad weather, I would feel more safe with a K-1 than with any Nikon as I would not want to use a Nikon half submerged.


I started with Pentax because at the time it was a very good value of an APS-C entry level camera. But in time I was realizing how limited the Pentax system is, how bad the support from software I was interested in and how rarely I could buy one in a regular camera shop, not to mention to try one or to borrow a lens to find out if it suits me. I experienced that in Germany, Switzerland and UK, less so in France.


If you live in a place with bigger choice of Pentax dealers - great. I'm just fed up with buying things I didn't try before.

You're not fine with people cheering for a different product than you do? Wink

I already said, the initial production volume for the K-1 was established to 7,000 units per month. And I still can't get mine, I don't even know when I'll be able to...


Recognizing the limits is one thing, trying to spread FUD is another. You're not talking about the system's limitations; you're trying to convince us the K-1 "will rest like lead in the shelves".


Limited or not, the Pixel Shift Resolution can increase the image quality way beyond any other FF camera. The worst case scenario - the motion correction will fail and you'd resort to using the "normal resolution"; which is still up there with the best.

I can't see this as less significant as the ability to easily fine tune your lenses on the field (can't you prepare beforehand?)


Another "do you realize" - Pentax is in no competition with Nikon, regarding the number of units sold. And 2012 was an abnormal year, with camera makers vastly overestimating the market - they expected IIRC a 40% increase from the previous year. The market crashed. This is a false problem. Pentax K-1's success is not measured against Nikon's in their best year.


I have the Silkypix version of Silkypix...


The DPReview quote is talking about very old primes. The primes scheduled for "2017 or later" are needed, but the situation is not as dire as you're trying to convince us. After all, 36MP is about the same pixel density as on our old K-5s Wink


I should've realized and specified that D500 is cheaper on some markets (apparently in Japan, too). My bad. It doesn't change anything, as the D500 is still a very expensive APS-C camera (for good reason), while the K-1 is a very affordable FF.

If you need to turn around my words, go ahead. I'll not go down to that level.


I'm not trying to convince anybody. At least a blockhead like you, Pentax-blind.

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