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The Pentax FF K1 DSLR is out: Ephotozine Review!
  I think we know the the K1's AFC is not the best, that's yesterdays news!


More recent news though  is according to DXO the K1 is their fourth highest rated FF sensor, not bad for a moderately priced full spec DSLR.

            I think it calls for Well done Pentax!



Dave's clichés
Are you thowin' a round? Some beers? Is there a hint of champagne in the air? *sniff*

In that case I would not mind for what you celebrate, a ta santé.


Pentax can do as well as they like (and fourth highest rated... of how many different ones?  Tongue ) it appears that just not much people care about except half dozen Pentaxians diehards.

It's the DSLR that I'd buy ... if they had lenses for it ... and if I was interested in a DSLR at all ;-)

Are we in the forum olympics again? The "I would buy it immediately, if only ..." discipline? So we soon will see another equivalence-challenge? Is the Hammerforum down?


*getting popcorn and beercan ready*  Smile

Someone's upset that the "wrong" brand is getting attention Wink


JoJu, I'm afraid things are getting worse from here... the K-1 is the camera that made Ricoh Imaging's Mr. Kazunobu Saiki to say "We believe we can revive Pentax as the leading company for DSLRs".

It's marketing speak, of course, but they don't make such bold claims too often.


There was also a very detailed lens This is most likely spam content, tons of questions about which lenses do we have, why, which lenses would we want and why...

No problem. If Pentax wants to become the leading company of a camera species on it's way to extinction - full throttle ahead  :lol:


No, Kunzite, Pentax can get all the attention they deserve and more, I just don't care anymore. And I had to react on this typical forum sentence "I would buy it, if only..." this is just a stereotype which doesn't say or mean anything and is not pushing money into the accounts of Pentax. Get a dozen K1s, one for each available lens, and all just remain DSLRs - with all the downsides and as Dave put put so eloquently, DLSRs still have their advantages in tele-range, which means Ricoh should hurry to fill up these gaps...


Edit: Just checked the special site. Are these white lenses (FA★) available somewhere? There are few sample pictures (one I looked at had pretty strong noise, on APS-C and only ISO 400), but at Foto-Koch.de I only did find them after clicking twice on "other lenses", and then in the Pentax section there was a lot of "items ordered, delivery expected". Just none of this FA★ types...
Yes, yes, we'll all shoot with the new Google Pixel, who needs cameras Tongue


You care at least enough to post here Wink

But I agree that "I would buy it, if only..." doesn't mean anything. It's more accurate to say "that's an interesting camera I won't buy".

However... your interest in FA* is even more suspicious.


No FA* lens is available new. The only FAs remaining in the current range are the 3 Limiteds (31, 43, 77), the 50mm f/1.4 and the 35mm f/2.

As for long lenses, the current range goes up to 560mm. For the K-1, less than a year after they launched the camera, they have:

- D FA* 70-200mm f/2.8

- D FA 150-450mm f/3.5-5.6

- DA* 200mm f/2.8

- DA* 300mm f/2.8

- DA 560mm f/5.6

and, for APS-C, a few more. That's better than any mirrorless system out there Wink

But, of course, we discussed earlier in this thread about the long lenses. And, of course, a DSLR is not meant to be used only with longer lenses. 


The gap to fill, in this moment, is the modern primes - 4 of which are in the public roadmap. Ricoh has the priorities straight.


P.S. I don't know what you think Dave said, but I'll quote this part:

Quote: Oh and can we put this "the DSLR is dead" mantra to bed, at least for the time being?
I was just looking for the lenses because I wanted to check if the choice of lenses really is THAT limited. I just never read the announcement of these white things.


I saw about 60 lenses at Foto-Koch, a couple were medium format, others not available, but ordered. I'm simply not informed what's going on. Oh, and roadmaps tend to change, at least at Fuji...


Anyway, if I go again for more than 36 MP, I can imagine to walk around with a Fuji GFX next year - but that doesn't mean I would buy it with certainity.


However, coming out with anew FF DSLR is these days just not that big excitement - this is not only for Pentax.

It is, and it isn't - depending on who is asking.

The current range has just 15 FF lenses, some of them quite dated. But that's only the beginning - as I said, the K-1 was launched less than a year ago. No MILC system started with as many lenses.


But, the K-mount is one of the older systems, going back to 1975. Yes, there are FAs and FA*s and older lenses - not in stores, but in our bags, waiting to be used. There are third party lenses, already existing, some still available new while others, second hand.

This is important, because it helps Pentax build a modern digital FF system - every bit counts.


You are mistaken, the K-1 is "that big excitement" - a 3rd player in the FF DSLR market is a significant event. It's not a model replacing another, very similar but slightly older one; it's their first.

Depending who you ask, you said: For most "already FF users" , the Pentax is no reason to change systems like it was for some Canon shooters to go Nikon while Canon had no high MP FF and vice versa because Canon had some better lenses (and still has).


My experience with Pentax or other Non-CaNikon cameras is just, you're always in the situation with reduced choices - if those are enough for your needs, you don't care, of course. But things like focus adjustment apps, focus-stacking apps, tethered shooting and more software-based things, or GeoTaggers, remote controls like CamRanger: Pentax is never listed on their "compatible with"-spreadsheets.


Zeiss pulling back from Pentax, in any given shop you can find two or three lenses to try, but dozens of CaNikons. Rental situation the same - I can always rent a 500/4, a PC lens, macro stuff for Canon or Nikon. Pentax?


I'm not mistaken, Pentax is just not the sun in my photo-galaxy. Also, there's no big deal that Pentax starts with a big lens line-up, since few of them are really new, some are rebadged Tamrons (that also says something about lens development at Ricoh/Pentax) and when I browse 5 pages back of Pentax rumors, there are zero new Pentax lenses rumoure or announced... might be coincidence, but there was a nice little gag in the CameraStoreTV resumee of photokina, when they introduce a new "I â™¥ Pentax" sticker with a needle.


I'm sorry, looking for jokes about Pentax is not that hard...


Talking about lenses: Adapters for Sony increase the choice for their bodies nearly ten times. Developing DSLRs these times is something like designing new typewriters, with a possibility to whatsapp on a two line LCD...  :lol:

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