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150-600mm reviews
Quote:I will do my best to publish the first review on Sunday. Unfortunately tax hell delayed all this.

It'll not happen today. Sorry. I have all the raw data but I don't have enough time today to finish it.
I just did the MTFs for the Tamron - better than expected (by me).



It was only a year in the making after all ...  B)
Thanks a lot Klaus! Very helpful. I am just wondering wheter the canon 100-400 ii may be the better pick. The resolution of the Tamron @600mm seems quite low and i reckon that cropping the 100-400s image may yield the same or even a better result. What do you think?
Well, in a fair comparison you would have to crop the results of the 100-400L and then interpolate the image size back to the same resolution. I have some doubts there. However, the 100-400L + 1.4x may be an option that is worth to consider though. The 5Ds can AF till f/8 for instance. 


That all being said I doubt that the Tammy is the best fish in the pool. As mentioned in the review I am considering this to be a budget lens (in this class). The Sigma 150-600 Sports is next ...

I wonder if Sigma C sucks less dust inside the lens than tamron.. they're very similar otherwise.


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