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canon 200-600 f4.5-5.6 expected in august
Quote:I suspect they might use the same rounding trick as Sigma did on the 120-300 f/2.8 and 105mm filter. Anyway, for bigger lenses like this, isn't it more traditional to have either a drop in filter, or lower cost still, a gel filter on the back?


As a random thought, what is the biggest non-L lens DSLR Canon have made? Anything bigger than a 70-300 zoom?
Drop-in filters mean additional complexity that has not yet been seen in non-L Lenses. I'm wondering what Canon could be up to in this case...

As for the second question, obviously I can't speak about the FD era - because I know zilch about that - but in the EF mount, there has been a 100-300/5.6 non-L lens (as well as the L in the same focal length range/aperture) and that was probably it. Anything longer and you would be looking at a red ring... or a green one in the 400 DO that was an L lens in anything but the official designation (as in: the hood was included Big Grin).


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canon 200-600 f4.5-5.6 expected in august - by Rover - 04-06-2016, 11:15 AM

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