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SD cards life cycle
I did see that he's using Windows phone. Smile I wish I could've tested that but my wife's Windows phone has no card slot... However, Android may place some of the data on the card and hence have to access them frequently as well. Maybe it's not as pronounced though.
Sounds odd to me. I've never had a memory card go bad on me. In fact, I've had the same one, a Sandisk, in my last 3 phones. To be fair, it should be two but I managed to destroy the display on one. Nevertheless, it's been in use for about 4 years now. 


I wouldn't be surprised if you're getting counterfeits.  It's ridiculous how many counterfeit IC's are out there. We would even get them returned at my last company. Which there'd be nothing we could do but tell to only go through authorized brokers. 

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