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Sigma 30/1.4 DC DN and all that it implies...
Quote:I understand that the lens itself is an old hat by now (almost 2 days since the announcement...) but what has caught my attention was the nomenclature...


It's called "30mm 1:1.4 DC DN" For quite some time, DN was a separate moniker for mirrorless lenses, used in separation from the earlier DG/DC designation (full-frame / APS-C). Now, however, it seems to be used alongside the crop/full frame markers, and I've been thinking... does that look like we're about to see some DG DN lenses in the foreseeable (at least for Sigma itself) future? Smile
Indeed, Rover. DC  (digital crop) stood for APS-C when Sigma lenses were just for (D)SLRs. And DG for Digital Generation, for the FF lenses to show they had the new coatings treatment compared to the pre-DG FF DSLR lenses. The DN signification was for mirrorless lenses.


This lens being called DC DN is unusual and new. The other DN lenses also are for APS-C E-mount, so why the DC DN in the name? It might indeed mean that they have realised that they will have to diversify the mirrorless naming scheme to accomodate both APS-C and FF lenses for "normal" mirrorless cameras. 


But those future DG DN lenses will not fit on the new Sigma SD cameras, because they chose to make those with mirror box-sans-mirror instead of with adapter.

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