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DP-Review favours Pentax K-5 over the newer Pentax K-3....who ever owned any if you could please shed some lite...Thx.


    Well  I've had both cameras and still have the K3.


The K7 was the first modern generation DSLR that brought Pentax in line with Canon/Nikon, having decent LV and movie mode (albeit with a strange HD format).... Up till then I had the K20 and didn't bother with the K7 as it's Samsung sensor was noisier than the K20.


 The K5 used a new Sony 16Mps sensor..... that was a winner, it had low noise and high dynamic range (14 EV), it's movie mode used MP3 format and made enormous files, the quality was OK but the files were just too big. The LV was quick to focus for a DSLR. 

 The PDAF was decent but it suffered from front focusing in tungsten light, but frankly it's still a good modern feeling DSLR!


 The K3 brought up to date the focusing system with 27 points with better features, an improved in body focus motor, larger screen, 8.3 Fps and most of all the 24 Mps sensor without an anti aliasing filter to give superb sharpness, it lost a little DR (13.4) and was a tad more noisy. (of little consequence)  LV CDAF is snappy and easily outperforms Nikon's spongy old implementation. 


 I am surprised that DPreview rates the K5 above it's sibbling, once having got used to the sharpness of the K3, the images from the K5 seem soft. I sold the K5!


 The K3 is a gem of a camera and now it's going for a bargain price! 

Thx for the info.


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