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Meyer-Optik Goerlitz Trimagon 95mm f/2.6 announced
Haha. Someone might buy this and adapt it to a Hasselblad Lunar for an ultimate exercise in vanity. Big Grin

Quote:Oto engines?
I meant Otto
There is an interesting Bonmot in the german Text the link above leads to ...


"15 Blendenlamellen formen bei Offenblende kreisrunde Unschärfeplättchen,

die das Motiv dezent unterstützen aber nicht beherrschen."


Roughly translated, they claim that the 15 aperture blades of the lenses iris

will form circular shaped circles of confusion ... wide open (!!).


I mean ... even in cheap lenses with 5 aperture blades the iris is exactly circular

when the lens is wide open ... so I do not see a need to emphasise this additionally ...

at least not for the wide open case.

Don't crash their ad, they DID have to blurb something bokehlicious to justify this price tag for 3 elements.  Big Grin And all those famous photographers who are blown away by their lenses. Anybody heard of Alexander Heinrichs? Raffaele Horstmann? The latter was test pilot for their 85/1.5 Omnium lens (with swirly bokeh, just in case you need one) and his comment is roughly translated " "The lens thrills me from there first touch: heavy, solid and very precise in it's adjustments. It delivers a very bright finder image and offers with the clickfree and steeples adjustable aperture the option to focus eben better with slightly closed down aperture" Just what I want, a fast portrait lens with a bright image stepping down to manage getting the focus right. Bloody hell, is he realizing how stupid his talk sounds?  "the very sharp, yet soft rendering (what now? sharp? soft?) and the genial swirl effect... blabla"


I'm very afraid I will not make it into the target group of those lenses, but at least it helps photographer Alexander Heinrichs to reduce his time in post processing.  B)  So he even might get some sleep -_-.

Well, what do you expect... they're using all sorts of nebulous talk and pseudo-information to promote their junk. Why anybody would even look at their products is beyond me when the Canon 100/2.8 L IS Macro - an ultrasharp macro lens with the same basic stats, AF, IS and weathersealing - is half the price, and even the Sony 90/2.8 G Macro - hailed as one of the sharpest lenses in existence - is only $300ish more. Big Grin And then, vaseline covered filters are almost free...


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