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Nikon mirrorless system end of the month ???
(07-07-2018, 09:12 AM)Klaus Wrote: Back then you had no alternatives when you wanted to complement your mirrorless setup. The thing is - today you have thus the situation is totally different.

If you like to bother with adapters - go ahead - but please don't try telling us that this is mainstream in the year 2018. ;-)

What was I telling? For sure nothing about what's mainstream.

You know pretty well I'm a fan of Sigma - or say "I prefer their lenses to genuine ones in most cases". It's a matter of time until Sigma will offer a mount conversion service for the new Nikon ML mount, as they already do for CaNikon to Sony. Until that happens I like to keep the lenses I'm happy with, enjoy two very good FF bodies and use the Fuji for some stuff it does really well enough. I repeat: I'm in no rush at all to change system. And observe what users have to tell about Nikon ML.

"You had no alternatives" - sure? Why not stick with the system already in the bag? Today, I don't see a clear majority of advantages to any system. Downsides can be found in any of them.

This week I'm in Holland again with lots of lowlight situations. When I had to decide which system to take with me, I went the heavy way. I still haven't replaced the 56/1.2 APD (which is a total rubbish in lowlight), so no fast portrait. Also no light 300/4 (or equivalent 200/2.8) and worse of all: High ISO up to 25 k is useless on Fuji. Easy decision - in mind, but not in the bag...

Missed shots? Sure, but no more than with Fuji - and the good ones are simply better. Battery life? After 500 pictures still 1/3 of the first battery left...

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