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Apparently you were just a bit too ecstatic? Or are the double lateral CA?


Quote:Unlike lateral lateral CAs

Anyway, the review makes me think a lot. Tooooo bad, it's only so good on a dated D3x  Tongue


Now, I need to ask: How many stars you would give to a lense like that being an APO and coming along without bokeh fringing? 6? 5 1/2?


By using all stars for a lense which leaves still a bit to wish for, you went to the end of the scale, meaning "Manufacturers, it's pointless to try better - we ran out of stars" 


edit: I just checked on They rate lenses independently from camera sensors.


Otus 85/1.4: 1459 points

Nikon 105/1.4: 1044 points


40% more performance would be just a 7 star rating, hope you have some leftovers.  Smile


edit 2: Here comes the grain of salt: The very same lenscore gave 1000 points to the Nikon 85/1.4G. Which I already doubted and now even more, after looking at the single categories and in each of them that lense scores exactly also 1000 points. No way.


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