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Sample gallery - Panasonic Lumix 12-60mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS


Interesting. When will we get to peek on the original sized files?

I switched it on a few min ago

Decentered ... :-(

They already tested it on EPZ and it wasn't very good, I wonder what you will find out...

The odd thing is ... the results are consistent when using it from a tripod (thus I got the MTFs and they are Ok).

However, when using it handheld with activated AF, some images show a clear deterioration on the lower left.


I'm slightly wondering now.


Is this a centering defect ?

Or does it relate to using this lens on an Olympus camera where the IS is deactivated ... thus maybe not properly "locked" ?

There's no mechanical switch for the IS after all.

Looks like a broken/loose screw inside the lens had a similar problem, the lens was easily repaired, the lens could have been good when manufactured, such things can happen during shipping/use

As you can see in the picture below depending on the loose/broken screw you can have any kind  of image  deterioration.



[Image: lens%20barrel%2017-85%20loose%20clips.jpg]

Most likely there's a loose element - which doesn't overly matter on a tripod but handheld it is a problem.

Yep exactly and since it's a mirrorless camera that uses the sensor itself to focus you have no focus issues, the camera will select the area where the picture is sharpest, with a DSLR expect things to be worst with erratic focus added.
So how do you feel this lens in IQ compares to the Pana 14-140 F3.5-F5.6 (v. II) in their overlapping zoom range...?

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